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Has paraplegia left your life permanently changed?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2019 | Catastrophic Injuries |

The idea of becoming paralyzed may be one that leaves many people feeling lucky that they have all of their abilities. However, a serious accident could occur at any time that leaves an unsuspecting individual with this type of life-changing injury. Though individuals with paraplegia can still live full lives, it can take time to make such a serious adjustment.

Unfortunately, a reckless or negligent driver may have caused an accident that left you with this type of injury. In fact, accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries that lead to paraplegia and other forms of paralysis. What does this mean for you?

A permanent change

Though you likely discussed your diagnosis with your doctor and will continue to do so throughout your treatment and rehabilitation, you may still have a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that you have suffered a permanent injury. No cure exists for paraplegia because the damage to your nerves is irreversible.

Your experience

Each person who suffers a spinal cord injury could have varying outcomes. Immediately after the car accident that led to your injury, you may have known something was wrong. It is common for paraplegia to show its first signs by resulting in an inability to feel your legs and, likely, intense back pain. You may have begun to panic, and medical personnel undoubtedly rushed you to the hospital for attention, which likely included an operation and several weeks of medical care.

After weeks of healing probably came months of rehabilitation, which you may still be working on. Even as you adjust to the fact that you no longer have mobility in your legs, you may experience various hardships throughout this experience.

Seeking compensation

You undoubtedly already know that receiving treatment for a serious spinal cord injury is not an inexpensive endeavor. Even with insurance, the medical expenses have likely piled up to a frightening amount and may continue to do so. Because your life has been irreversibly changed, you may want to consider seeking compensation for your injuries and other damages from the driver considered at fault for the incident.

Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney in South Dakota could allow you to better understand what outcomes could stem from a legal claim. Your attorney could review the specific details of your situation and explain your available courses of action.

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