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Truck hits tractor in South Dakota

South Dakota is a well-populated state, so it is no surprise that there are many vehicles of different kinds out on the roads. If one thing goes wrong with any of those vehicles, the result can be a motorcycle accident, a car accident or a truck accident. Sometimes, it can even be a combination of all three. However, South Dakota also has an agricultural sector, and that means that vehicles like tractors can be involved in accidents too.

When heavy vehicles like trucks and tractors collide, the drivers of both can suffer injuries. That happened recently when, according to the South Dakota Highway Patrol, a tractor was heading south down a hill of SD Highway 73. All of a sudden, a truck crested the top of the hill and smashed directly into the back of the tractor.

The impact of the truck had a devastating effect on the tractor, sending the tractor's driver flying hard into a roadside ditch. He suffered serious injuries, which can be expected when being hit by a truck and knocked off a tractor into a ditch.

The driver of the truck, however, suffered only minor injuries. That demonstrated that the tractor bore the brunt of the devastation in this accident. The drivers were able to get medical treatment. No update on the more seriously injured one, the driver of the tractor, has been made available.

This accident shows the importance of driving carefully in rural areas. After all, vehicles like trucks may be driving at different speeds on roads than trucks are. It is also critically important to exercise particular care when driving in areas where they have limited visibility, like when coming over the top of the hill. Failure to be careful can result in legal and civil consequences.

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