Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycle Accidents

In the Black Hills, we know all about motorcycles. With the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally happening every year - bringing approximately 500,000 riders to the region - we've handled numerous motorcycle accidents through the years.

Inattentive riders, negligence, weather conditions, and the huge volume of traffic lead to injuries and fatalities every year. If you've been injured due the negligence of another rider or driver, your next call should be to Johnson Eiesland Law Offices, P.C.
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Local Motorcycle Knowledge and Experience

A second generation law firm that's been a part of the Black Hills community for decades, Johnson Eiesland Law Offices, P.C. has been handling motorcycle accident cases for over 40 years. We've successfully represented riders injured after all different types of accidents, and we're here to help you too.

You could always reach out to a national chain legal company, but they wouldn't be able to find Rapid City on a map, and they can't hope to match our homegrown, local knowledge. Get in touch with us today or visit us in Rapid City.

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