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Here To Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions On Personal Injury

Right after an accident, you may be dealing with the immediate traumatic stress and physical pain you just experienced. Taking legal action may not be one of your top concerns in the moment. Yet, it is still important that you file a liability claim against the responsible party as soon as possible so that you can secure your entitlement to compensation while the details of the accident are still fresh in your mind.

There are six-month notice requirements if the negligent party is a state, county, city, school district or another government entity.

At Johnson, Eiesland & Rohl, we understand that not everyone is informed of their legal options in the event that they are hurt. As a result, we have taken the time to provide you with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about personal injury claims, and how an attorney can help you:

Why do I need a lawyer to file a claim?
While it may seem that filing a personal injury claim is as simple as describing and proving your accident to the responsible insurance company, many insurance companies are actually hesitant to compensate you. A lawyer knows how to negotiate with an insurance company and determine the tactics they are using to keep you from getting the full claim you deserve.

I want to get compensation, not lose more money. How much does a lawyer cost?
We know that you are dealing with significant financial losses due to your unforeseen injuries and damages. However, there is no financial risk in working with a personal injury lawyer. You will not owe us any legal fees unless we make a recovery.

What should I do right after a motor vehicle accident?
If you are not too injured, you should take pictures of the scene to document as much evidence as possible. You should also speak with the drivers involved to exchange contact and insurance information. This will be helpful for filing your claim.

Can I file a claim from out of state or for an accident across the border?
Whether you are a South Dakota resident who got hurt just across the border, or vice versa, our firm is ready to help you. With attractions like Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills in South Dakota, we are used to getting claims from travelers who were hurt on vacation. Additionally, two of our attorneys are former federal law clerks, and have the necessary skills to assist you.

Why would I need a lawyer after a wrongful death?
Although it seems redundant to take action for a life that has already been lost, a lawyer can help you seek justice for the accident according to your circumstances. It may be that your lost loved one was a breadwinner for your family, and their passing has caused extreme financial struggle. There may be other high costs to cover as a result of the accident. In South Dakota, we can also recover for the loss of companionship of your loved one. Our lawyers will provide you with legal representation that fits your needs.

Learn More About How Our Lawyers Can Help You

While we can provide answers to general questions, we are also keen on tailoring our legal services to meet your unique needs. To discuss your accident with one of our lawyers in a confidential setting, secure a free consultation with us by calling our office at 605-348-7300 or send us an email.

Our firm represents clients throughout the state of South Dakota.

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