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Verdicts And Settlements

    • $11 Million Settlement Against Trucking Company | SETTLEMENT: A negligent truck driver caused a collision leaving a man paralyzed.
    • $5.75 Million Settlement for Serious Burns | SETTLEMENT: Settlement received for victims seriously burned in a fire and explosion of a defective motor home.
    • $4.85 Million Settlement for Medical Malpractice | SETTLEMENT: A young child was negligently intubated causing serious injury and resulting in numerous surgeries.
    • $3.2 Million Settlement for Defective Medical Device | SETTLEMENT: A defective medical device caused the death of a middle-aged man.
    • $2.3 Million Settlement for Defective Seatbelt | SETTLEMENT: Passenger of a vehicle suffered a broken neck as a result of a low-speed collision in a vehicle with a defective seatbelt design.
    • $2.2 Million for Brain Injury | SETTLEMENT: A user of a dietary supplement suffered a stroke as a result of high levels of ephedra in the product. The individual ended up with a brain injury.
    • $1.6 Million Verdict for Brain Injury | VERDICT: A woman driving a vehicle suffered a brain injury when a school bus pulled out in front of her on the highway.
    • $1.5 Million Settlement for Neck Injury | SETTLEMENT: Driver was forced off the road by a truck resulting in a serious neck injury.
    • $1.25 Million Verdict Against High School Rodeo Stock Supplier | VERDICT: A high school rodeo participant was partially paralyzed when the horse he was riding rolled over on top of him during an event. It was determined at trial that the suppliers of the rodeo stock had supplied unfit and inappropriate animals for the participants to ride.
    • $1.2 Million Settlement for Back Injuries | SETTLEMENT: Serious back injuries received in a motorcycle/vehicle accident.
    • $1 Million for Death | SETTLEMENT: An individual was struck and killed by a teenage driver who failed to properly clean off the ice and snow from his windshield.
    • $1 Million Settlement for Improper Injection | SETTLEMENT: An individual was given an injection in an improper manner. The patient’s arm suffered extensive internal injury resulting in multiple surgeries and permanent damage to the arm.
    • $1 Million Settlement for Two-Year Old Death | SETTLEMENT: A two-year-old boy who was sick with the flu and dehydrated was denied timely assistance by the hospital, during which time the boy’s veins collapsed and he stopped breathing. The hospital staff then intubated the boy into his stomach rather than his lungs, thereby depriving him of oxygen. The boy died from dehydration at the hospital.
    • $910,000 Settlement for Truck Accident | SETTLEMENT: A middle-aged passenger was killed at night when a truck driver left his disabled truck on the highway without warning flares or reflectors for the traveling public.
    • $750,000 Settlement for Neck Fracture | SETTLEMENT: A passenger in a vehicle suffered a neck fracture when the vehicle she was riding in was T-boned by a high school student who ran a red light. The injuries ended the woman’s employment.
    • $725,000 Settlement for Auto Accident | SETTLEMENT: A woman suffered hand and wrist injuries as a result of being rear-ended by a semi-truck. The injuries caused the woman a temporary loss of earnings.
    • $575,000 Settlement for Auto Accident | SETTLEMENT: Man was rear-ended, required cervical fusion for neck injury.
    • $325,000 for Drowning Victim | SETTLEMENT: A child drowned in a negligently maintained hotel swimming pool.
    • $250,000 Verdict to Law Enforcement Officer | VERDICT: A law enforcement officer suffered a serious knee injury after being struck by a car door, thrown open by an individual attempting to steal the patrol car.
    • $650,000 Settlement at Construction Site | SETTLEMENT: A pedestrian walking through a temporary walkway in front of a construction site tripped and fell over a board installed to cover a hole in the walkway. The fall caused a neck injury and a knee injury.
    • $325,000 for Knee Injury | SETTLEMENT: An employee at a retail store ran over the leg of a customer with a line of shopping carts propelled by a motorized device. The customer suffered a serious knee injury.
    • Multiple cases resulting in verdicts or settlements in excess of $1 Million in land or cash or a combination of the two.
    • $750,000 Settlement for Nursing Home Abuse | SETTLEMENT: A nursing home resident suffered severe pressure sores as a result of the neglect nursing home staff. The sores became infected and ultimately resulted in the resident’s death.
    • $500,000 Verdict Against Nursing Home | VERDICT: A 100-year old woman was dropped at a nursing home facility which caused a shoulder fracture and a hip fracture. The nursing home staff attempted to cover up the incident. She died 30 days later.
    • $425,000 for Sexual Abuse | ARBITRATION: A nursing home resident was sexually assaulted by the boyfriend of a nursing home staff. The arbitrator found that the facility had failed to properly secure the facility from outside persons during non-visiting hours.
    • $400,000 Settlement for Nursing Home Resident | SETTLEMENT: A nursing home resident with dementia was found on the floor next to her bed in apparent pain. She was placed back in her bed and her condition was not assessed. After several days, the resident’s condition deteriorated and was taken to the hospital where it was discovered she had a broken pelvis. She died within a matter of days entering the hospital.
    • $300,000 Verdict for Woman Dumped from Wheelchair | VERDICT: While pushing a wheelchair-bound resident of a nursing home at a high rate of speed, an employee dumped the resident out of the chair, causing a fractured neck and, ultimately, the resident’s death.
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